Owner Testimonials

"Dave, I am so appreciative. You are such a classy fellow to work with. If you ever need a reference, please use me any time!!"
- Bill Neiman

"Dave this has been a wonderful experience for us as we collected 2 years rent and now we are holding a contract for deed at a very good interest rate. This makes our retirement years very enjoyable knowing we have a fixed income stream for the next 5 years."
- Ron and Mary Jo Nordwall

- Paul Saastad

"Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the services of RP. We have had a number of properties turn over this spring...you have done a great job of getting them re-leased."
- Steve Gregerson

"I've been impressed with the responsiveness and the determination to "roll up the sleeves" to get things done related to the management of the home."
- Gregory Leos

"I have had rental property manages by three different organizations over the past 20 some years. I feel that Dave Holt and his people at RP Management have provided me with the best value of the three..."
- Robert Berg

"...When you're 4000 miles away and your tenants are misbehaving, it's vital to your sanity to know that someone is looking out for your interests..."
- Susan Supina

"..I took a risk employing your company a few months ago and I am now glad that I did..."
- Taofeek Ishola

"...It has been a difficult situation for us, living so far away, and you have always, and in every way handled our needs and recommended solutions to every problem that has needed to be dealt with. It's been comforting to know that our property is in the good hands of people who care about individual needs..."
- Andrew and Audrey Houlihan

"..I felt that I was part of a working team to make my investment property the best it could be."
- Jacque Potter

"...You and your staff are always pleasant, helpful and prompt while working to bring our properties up to code with minimal participation on our part..."
- Jose and Joanne Trujillo

"...Since speaking with you we have heard, from a friend who rented through a competitive agency, that RP Management is the most proficient and trusted company in the area."
- Jim Majer

"Dave did a great job for us & I would definitely recommend working with him!... We found Dave to be very honest, ethical, & pleasant to work with. We checked out other companies like Dave's & the others didn't impress us at all."
- Scott Hoegh

"...I am very satisfied with you company & I cannot say enough good things..."
- Kem Lester

"... At first, we tried to manage it ourselves from here. Big Mistake! Then we hired R.P. Management. I would highly recommend R.P. Management without reservation...they have always done a superb job."
- Kevin Aubart

"...When I was looking for someone to manage my duplex years ago, it was at a time that I was receiving training in Deming's quality principles. It was obvious that you ran your business in that quality style..."
- Nancy Duncan

"...Our old property mgr would never have even given us this option...You have been a joy to work with."
- Laura Kassulker

"...I appreciate very much your work and advise over the years...Thank you for being always friendly, reliable, honest and at the same time highly professional..."
- Vince Klement

"...It is nice to have someone so efficient and professional. It is something that we are not used to from our experiences..."
- Kari Hamele

"...I appreciate everything you've done. You guys have been great to work with..."
- Jennifer Reshetar

"...I also want to commend you for the fine way in which you managed, what at times was a difficult piece of property."
- Walter Meidinger - Pionerr Mutual Life Insurance

"...I finally met Mr. Holt and his staff in July '92. Everyone was very gracious, friendly and most important professional..."
- Patricia Matheny

"...If I need a good property manager in the future, I will be sure to call you."
- Barbara Nieland - American National Bank and Trust Company

"...We found you work to be prompt, thorough and professional..."
- James Kouri

"...I have had experience managing myself for many years...R P Management has provided the concern involvement and care of my tenants and building that I had hoped to find..."
- David Haberman

"...Your continued awareness of problems that arise and timely resolutions of those issues, continues to convince me that we have the best management company, doing the best job the can..."
- Terry Hendrickson

"...I just can't thank you enough for your integrity, professionalism, market knowledge and advise during this unsettling period..."
- Mike DiCenso

"...I am impressed with the way the company is keeping up with the latest technology."
- Karen Clifford

"...In order to keep tenants you respond quickly to any problems, complaints or suggestions..."
- Philip Larson

"...They are a very professional and responsive management company. They treat each property the way we would, if we only had the time."
- Tom King

"...I am writing this letter to tell you how satisfied I have been with your company since you acquired the management..."
- Morris Davidson, MD

"...I would highly recommend your company to anyone who was looking for someone to manage their property..."
- John Marsh

"...The management of my property by your company was excellent..."
- Patricia Jotblad

"...we want you to know that your help takes some of the worry away from our investments, allows us to pursue other ventures..."
- Charles and Melinda Shults

"...You made being an absentee landowner a real pleasure. You always looked after our property and making sure it was in good condition and rented. Your careful selection of renters was important so that we could maximize income and minimize problems."
- Robert Schultheis

"...As out-of-state owners, we could not have kept our house as an investment property without your help… We depended on you, and you did not let us down."
- David and Karen Olwell