Rental Leasing and Management Services

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Property Management
Ultimate Service
Property Management
UPFRONT PRICING — NO HIDDEN FEES 100% of one full month’s rent
Min $1,000
$99 Per Month
Add $40 each additional unit
in the same building
Multi-property discounts available
$199 a month
Add $80 each additional unit
in the same building
Multi-property discounts available
New Tenant Placement/Leasing Fee (25% discount if Owner shows) 100% of full month's rent 100% of full month's rent 85% of full month's rent
Professional Rental Price Analysis
Market Rent Study to determine the home’s competitive status in today’s market. This insight allows us to maximize your revenue and fill vacancies faster.
Included Included Included
Tenant Convenient Showing Scheduling System
Renting in today's market, you need to focus on convenience for the tenant. Our showing scheduling system allows tenants to pick the day and time that is convenient for them to see the property to get your property rented faster. Talk to us further about how this process works.
Included Included Included
Extensive Advertising on websites
Advertising on the Internet and other local/national media at no cost to you to help you rent your home faster. Start making money sooner
Included Included Included
Quality Property Photos
Qualify photos help to show your property and rent it quicker
Included Included Included
Marketing Video Walk-Through Tours
90% of renters today begin their home search on the internet, so an on line video tour is like having an open house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you include video, you get 400% more inquiries according to
$125 Included Included
Comprehensive Tenant Screening with 30- Step Screening Process
Rental application processing (thorough tenant screening) for all residents 18 years of age or older. Enabling us to place the highest quality residents quickly
Included Included Included
Pet screening on all new tenants with cats or dogs
70% of households have pets, so allowing pets in your property makes good business sense. To help manage the risk of allowing pets, we screen the tenant's household pets and help validate assistance animals by generating a Pet Profile based on pet specific information such as breed, pictures, weight, vaccination records, and behaviors.
Included Included Included
Comprehensive Owner Updates
We send out weekly updates to you on the status of your rental during the lease up process
Included Included Included
Lease Preparation with Fast Digital Lease signing
We use an extenstive custom lease based on over 30 years of experience. We make it easy for your tenant with online digital signing and lease orientation
Included Included Included
24/7 Leasing Line Service
Prospective tenants have 24/7 access to property information and live help
Included Included Included
Detailed Tenant Move-In Evaluation with Video Documentation
The last thing you want when your tenant does vacate is to say it was like that when I moved in. This is why we do a move-in condition video prior to the tenant moving in and again when they move out. It's proof of the condition and helps minimizes these claims and even law suits filed by the tenant
- $95 Included
Tenant Guarantee for life of Tenant
Although we do comprehensive screening on every tenant, bad things can happen to good tenants. If for any reason your tenant has to break their lease, we will release the property for no charge
- Included Included
Rental Registration required by the County
Most cities require landlords to register their property as a rental property. We handle all the paperwork and filing for you and in some cases, can get you a discount on the new property registration fee
- Included Included
29 Point Final Move-In evaluation
Moving is a stressful experience; the last thing your tenants wants to find when moving into your property is that something is not working, it's not clean and expectations are not met. Tenant retention starts at move-in. That's why we conduct a 29 point check to help make sure things are as expected
- Part of Move-In Evaluation Included
Initial Property Set Up
If the property is turned over to us with current tenants, there is a lot that needs to happen in order to get that tenant set up in our system. We need all the lease data and ledger information including outstanding charges. We need move in condition reports, pending maintenance requests and possibly pending eviciton actions that all need to be set up and tracked.
- $250 If currently Tenant Occupied Included
Initial Property Evaluation and Benefit Analysis
Upon taking over the property for management, we conduct a property evalation to not only make note of the features for marketing, we look at the potential premises liability issue that can casue harm to your tenant and risk to you. Our benefit analysis can help you see the overall benefits that the property can achieve
- Included Included
Dedicated Property Manager
As the property owner, you have a dedecated manager to handle your inquiries. We have other great staff who are involved in the management activities of your property, but having one main point of contact helps to give you consistent service
- Included Included
Collect rent faster with online payment options
Modern residents expect easy, online payment options. We give residents three convenient ways to pay (Electronic pay, credit card or check).
- Included Included
Up to Date Online Financials, Invoices & Reports
Owner statements are securely posted to our online Owners Portal, saving time and paper. These statements provide you with a quick snapshot of your property details for the past month. We can include maintenance invoices
- Included Included
Electronic Deposits of rent proceeds
You will be paid faster and more securely. Owner disbursements made by the 15th day of each month. Deposit funds directly into your bank account. No more waiting for a check in the mail.
- Included Included
Maintenance and Repair Coordination/Oversite
We handle maintenance on your investment with 24-hour, 7-day emergency telephone service. We also contract with licensed vendors to give you a discount due to the volume we handle.
- 10% of cost 10% of cost
Utility Coordination
We use a specialize service which gets the property utilities chanaged into the tenant's name quickly at the start of the lease
- Included Included
Full-Time Accounting Staff
We use a specialize service which gets the property utilities chanaged into the tenant's name quickly at the start of the lease
- Included Included
Convenient Online Portal Access
Whether you live in town or over-seas, you have convenient access to real time data. Every maintenance invoice is uploaded to your portal for quick access where you can view the original bill for details. You can even make electronic fund tranfers into account if needed. And of course all your monthly statements are saved to your portal as well
- Included Included
24/7 Emergency Hotline
Being accessible for tenants when they have a maintenance issue is key to keeping your tenants long term. Our 24 hour maintenance service makes it esay for tenants to inform us of issues 24 hrs a day
- Included Included
Property Turnover
This is a point of difference you won’t generally find with other Property management companies. We have systems in place to turn your property within 24 hours of when your tenant moved out. This means less vacancy and therefore, more rental income for you
- Included Included
Enhanced Owner Portal
Convenient On-line owner portal to access your financial information and property documents from your computer or smart phone
- Included Included
Monthly and End of the Year Financial Reports
Each month, you will be getting a copy of that month's statement of all the income and expenses for the property. This report has a running YTD total so you know where you are at financially with the property at all times. The year end report has all the informaiton you or your accountant will need for tax information for the property
- Included Included
End of the Year State Required Tenant CRP form processing
Each year, you are required to give your tenants a certificate of rent paid form with the break down of the rent they paid during the years along with their portion for property taxes that their rent payment is covering. The good news is we handle this for you
- Included Included
Tenant Required Tenant Liability Insurance Administration
We require yoru tenants to carry a minimum $100k in tenant liability insurance in the event they accidentally do something at the property like start a kitchen fire or cause a plubing leak. This helps to prevent your insurance from having to get involved
- Included Included
Furnace Filter Delivery Service For Your Tenant
We require yoru tenants to carry a minimum $100k in tenant liability insurance in the event they accidentally do something at the property like start a kitchen fire or cause a plubing leak. This helps to prevent your insurance from having to get involved
- Included Included
Annual Heating System Check and CO testing
Servicing the heating systems every year is a very important process we undertake. Keeping your heating system offering propery and efficiently if a vital risk management process. We find furnaces with bad heat exchangers on an annual basis which can be deadly for your tenants
- $110 Included
Covering rents betweeen $1000 - $2000. Rents above $2000 discuss options with us.
*We will pay half of the annual premium.
Tenant Malicious Damage
Not Available Optional Optional*
Up to 8 weeks rent paid
if tenant skips
Not Available Optional Optional*
Up to 10 weeks rent paid
if tenant is evicted
Not Available Optional Optional*
Up to 12 weeks rent paid
if tenant passes away
Not Available Optional Optional*
Service Animal Damage
Coverage up to $1000
Not Available Optional Optional*
Theft or Damage Due to Theft
Covered up to $25,000
Not Available Optional Optional*
Eviction filing fee, Eviction
defense cost up to $7000
Not Available Optional Optional*
Rekey Locks in Event
Listed (up to $400)
Not Available Optional Optional*
Pet Promise
The decision to allow pets is one that gives landlord reason to pause. When you consider that nearly 70% of households have a pet, allowing pets is a good business decision. In order to help give you peace of mind when allowing pets, we do 3rd party pet screening on each pet, but that's not all; whenever our team is at the property and during the annual property evaluation, we check on how the tenant is taking care of their pet and the property. If issues are found, they will be remedied or the tenant will be charged. Now that's a pet promise
- Included Included
90 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with our services for any reason, we will refund the management fee collected
- Included Included
30 Day Lease Up Guarantee
We will deduct $10 a day off our leasing fee up to 25% of one months rent if we do not have an approved application on the property within 30 days from the initial marketing date
- Included Included
100% Happiness Guarantee
Your satisfaction with our service is important to us. If you're not happy, we're not happy. Let us know and we'll refund you that month's management fee.
- Included Included
Cancellation Guarantee
We just don't charge a cancellation fee Period. You can cancel at any time without charge
- Included Included
Easy to Switch Guarantee
Not happy with your current property management company? Switch to us and we will get everything transferred over to us seamlessly. If we don't, we will refund any set up fee you may have paid.
- Included Included
Lease Renewal Fee N/A 25% of one month's rent Included
Annual Property Evaluation w/Pictures Included N/A $85 each Included
Annual Tenant Gift Card Program N/A $50 Included
Monthly Technology Fee N/A $5 Included
If your objective is to sell the property, we can joint venture with you and all our fees are FREE. We simply arrive at the price you would net if you listed and sold the property right now. We lease and manage the property for no charge and help to sell the property when you are ready. We split the gain over and above the established net sales price.
If your main objective is to sell the home fast, call us for details. We don't list and sell your home like traditional Realtors; we can buy your home for the same price you would net by selling it through a Realtor - However, we can close fast; and close on the date of your choice.
We can lease option the house for you or lease option it from you. If we lease option the house from you, we become your tenant with the option to buy. Never worry about vacancy or maintenance again. We arrive at a purchase price and rent amount. It gives you the ability to in effect sell your home and still take advantage of depreciation and interest right off all without the monthly cost of management.
We can also lease option (Rent to Own) your home for you and handle the entire management until the property closes. This means that we will find a tenant/buyer, put them in the home and manage the home while we get the tenant qualified to purchase the home. This can take just a couple months up to several years. However, you have someone paying your mortgage for you; and the property can appreciate the longer it takes. Our fee is 6% of the sales price to handle the whole thing plus our regular management costs noted above. You can even have us market your house for rent and lease option at the same time and see which one happens first. After the first 30 days, normal maintenance will be the responsibility of the tenant/buyer.
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