Rent to Ownership Program

Introducing, a NEW path to the American Dream... right here in Minnesota.

Going through tough times? Foreclosure? Bankruptcy? Or just need a nice home to live?

Pull Yourself Out of the Rental Housing Rut with RP's innovative "Rent-to-Ownership" Path

"Rent-to-Ownership" enables you to begin enjoying the benefits of home-ownership TODAY, without the hassles associated with traditional home strict credit criteria, high down payments, and huge closing costs...

Compare RP"s new "Rent-to-Ownership" path with buying or renting...

Rent-to-ownership Own Rent
Is your application process quick and easy? Yes! No Yes
Can you qualify with less-than-perfect credit? Yes! No Yes
Will you build equity in a home? Yes! Yes No
Will your down payment be reasonable? Yes! No Yes
Can you move in to your home right away? Yes! No Yes
Will your closing costs be minimal? Yes! No Yes
Will you be improving your credit rating? Yes! Yes No
Can you avoid settling for a "Fixer-Upper"? Yes! No Yes
Is this a short-term commitment? Yes! No Yes

View ready-to-move-into homes in Minneapolis/St Paul and surrounding metro areas of Minnesota. Select the city you'd like to live in from the drop down menu, then click "see homes now".

Rental Search

*These are all our available rental. Most are not available for rent to own. Please contact us to check on one you might be interested in.

RP Management has been helping Twin Cities renters like you achieve the dream of home-ownership for over 25 years.

We have lots of ready-to-move-in homes to fit your dreams...and your budget. And with "Rent-to-Ownership" you'll be improving your credit and moving toward a brighter future.

Need more information about how "Rent-to-Ownership" can help you move into your dream home today? Click for the full report "How to buy a home through lease purchase option" that will answer all your questions.

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