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Property Management Blog
What is Considered Normal Wear and Tear for a Minneapolis Rental Property?
When your tenant moves out of your Minneapolis rental property, there will be turnover repairs and costs that are required before a new tenant can move in. Who is responsible for those costs?It depends. While you can use your tenant’s security deposit to pay for clear and obvious damage to the home, you cannot charge the tenant for any wear and tear that’s...
Property Management Blog
Best Time to Rent out a Property in Minneapolis? | Property Investors Want to Know
In some parts of the country, renting out a home isn’t necessarily a seasonal activity. However, in Minneapolis, the rental market definitely has a busy season and a slow season. The timing is critical; when you rent your home out at the right time, you’ll earn more in rent and attract a larger pool of tenants.No One Wants to Move During WinterMinneapolis ...