Rental Application & Criteria

General Requirements

Rental Application

Income Criteria

Criminal Criteria

For Minneapolis tenants (Per city ordinance):

Any conviction for misdemeanor offenses (including gross misdemeanors) if the dates of sentencing are older than 3 years.

Any criminal conviction for felony offenses if the dates of sentencing are older than 7 years.

Any criminal conviction for the following felony offenses if the dates of sentencing are older than 10 years: ° First-degree assault ° First-degree arson ° Aggravated robbery ° First-degree murder ° Second-degree murder ° Third-degree murder ° First-degree manslaughter ° Kidnapping ° First-degree criminal sexual conduct

Exceptions: We will deny an application if the renter’s criminal history includes:

Landlord Approved Platinum Tenant Liability Insurance

Required Property Damage Liability Insurance: NOTICE! All Tenants are required to maintain property damage liability insurance on behalf of the Landlord and Property Manager. Coverage is required in the amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00) for damage to both Landlord’s and third parties’ property with the provisions covering at least the perils of fire, smoke, explosion, accidental water discharge and sewer backup. Tenants are required to name R.P. Management, Inc., as an “Interested Party”.

Such a policy shall be written not contributing with, and not in excess of coverage that Landlord may carry, and must waive all rights of subrogation against Landlord and Property Manager. It is agreed that Landlord carries insurance for its protection, and that the Tenant is not a beneficiary of such insurance. Tenant shall be responsible to Landlord for all costs of repair for damages as stated in the Lease regardless of existing Landlord insurance.

Tenants may OPT OUT of purchasing this required insurance through landlord’s preferred insurance provider at any time by providing written proof of the following three items:

  1. Evidence of Required Insurance levels to show the Policy is in effect, when it will start & end, and who is named on the policy.
  2. R.P. Management, Inc., must be named as an “Additionally Interested” party to the insurance binder provided by the tenant.
  3. The Tenant Liability coverage has to be equal to or greater than: $100,000 in Tenant Liability Coverage to the Property.

Cost through R.P. Management, Inc: $9.00 per month plus a $3.00 per month administration fee for a total of $12.00 per month, per home. Tenants are required to carry Tenant Liability Insurance. Unless a Tenant Opts Out of this insurance by following the steps above, a policy will be automatically provided to the Tenant for $12.00 per month.

Failure to Maintain Insurance: If the tenant’s coverage for their independently self-procured tenant liability insurance is lapsed by either non-payment or non-renewal after lease execution, R.P. Management, Inc will place that tenant under this program by default for $12.00 per month plus a one-time $75.00 set-up fee.

Disclosure of Relationship: R.P. Management, Inc is affiliated with Surevestor, Inc., which is a nationwide affiliation of residential property managers. The Tenant Liability Insurance program is provided by Beecher Carlson Insurance Company through Surevestor, Inc.,  where Broker has ownership interests and is compensated through a controlled business arrangement with Surevestor, Inc., from Beecher Insurance.

Monthly Benefit Package

The following benefits package is part of every lease which is not optional.  The specific cost varies depending on the property with a minimum monthly charge of $10 and a maximum of $25.  Each property listed for rent will state the specific charge for that specific property.  

Convenient Lock Box move in – No need to come to our office to pick up keys.   Obtain the lockbox code from us and go directly to the property for fast and easy access.

Online Portal access – All your rent documents stored in one convenient place, make maintenance requests or have conversations with us. 

Epayment for rent - Never pay late fees again with our easy access online portal where you can set up automatic payment of rent or manually control your rent payment electronically.

Annual eval and heat tune up – Most of our properties have separate heating systems that require you to cover the cost of heating and changing of the filters.  We conduct an annual system tune-up and provide you with high-quality furnace filters that are delivered right to your door every other month.  A well-maintained system will help lower your heating and cooling costs. If you do not pay for the cost of heating or cooling, this will not apply.  We also conduct an annual evaluation of the property to help keep on top of maintenance to help make your rental experience as worry-free as possible. 

Online Move-in & Move-out condition documentation – You get a convenient way to document the condition of the property when you move in right from your phone, complete with the ability to add photos. 

Move in-out condition video and Deposit processing upon move out  - We will do a video move in condition report as well and handle the disposition of your deposit when it does come time for you to vacate.

Pay to Stay Program – When it comes time to buy a home, buy one of our inventory homes or ANY home on the MLS through our preferred agent, and earn a $1000 credit towards your closing costs at the end of your first rental year, and a $250 credit in your second and additional $250 in your third rental year, for a maximum credit of $1500. Plus additional benefits through our preferred agent.

Rental Verification – When it comes time for you to buy, lenders will require verification of rent payments from previous places you lived.  We are able to complete these reports for you so you can get on with buying your home when the time comes.

Other Criteria

This letter also serves as the Megan's Law notification. Most states have established mechanisms for the community to access specific information about registered sex offenders. This information may be available via the Internet, a visit to a local law enforcement agency, or by an actual notification to your home or public school. Contact for assistance in accessing information in your community. In addition, you can go to the nationwide registry area of our state and select your state to access the link to your state's Internet registry.

R P Management, Inc., does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, disability, source of income or any other federal, state of local laws regarding fair housing.

For Minneapolis tenants (Per city ordinance):

The rental application will not be denied because of: