How to Be a Good Landlord in Minneapolis – Property Management Education


Today, we are talking about how to be a good landlord. In today’s market, renting has become more of a choice. In the past, there was this adversarial relationship between landlords and tenants. That’s not the case anymore. Renting is a choice, and landlords have to look at their tenants as valued customers. As a landlord you have to provide a great product as well as great service.


Tenants are evaluating their own rental experience based on how maintenance is handled. Setting up maintenance so that the tenant is served well is very important.


Providing tech services such as electronic payment options or electronic service requests is important when tenants decide to select your property as a place to live.

Communicating Expectations

Share your expectations and potential consequences with tenants so they know what you want from them before the lease starts. This will go a long way. Talk about the cost of damages before the relationship starts so they know what they will have to pay if they damage any part of your property. This will motivate them to take better care of the property. Discuss timeframes for when maintenance will be complete, as well as how payments are handled and how move outs are done. Talk about what needs to happen if a tenant wants to make changes and additions to the lease, and how to minimize mold. Share these expectations with tenants.

Your tenant is a valuable asset. They spend thousands of dollars on you annually, so provide a great product. If you would like more information about being a good landlord or how we can help you be a good landlord, please contact us at RP Management.